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Alpha Spa Sauna Capsule 

European Flair is proud to offer the Alpha Spa Capsule to the services offered at our center. 

Enjoy the amazing benefits that you can receive through this state of the art equipment.  

The Alpha Spa system is the culmination of extensive scientific research.  The Alpha is the embodiment of perfection in controlled environmental therapy.  It makes you "Feel Better... Look Better..Live Better."

Our machine offers:
Dry Heat Sauna: Dry heat cleanses and detoxifies your skin.  You experience immediate stress relief as your body is bathed in a flow of gently heated air.  The temperature is adjustable to allow for the therapist to create the perfect experience.  The heat is carefully controlled by computer microchip technology to allow for even, dry heat to provide the relaxation, purification, increased metabolic rate, calorie burn and other benefits afforded by the dry sauna.  

Massage Vibration: Individualized variable massage motors utilizing dual rheostat controls allow for customized massage vibration settings and adjustable pulsating harmonic rhythms from rapid strokes to long, deep wave-forms.

Aromatherapy: The patented dual pathway aromatherapy system allows you to choose from as many as four different scents to flow over your body and fill the chamber air to further enhance your session.  At the touch of a button your sensitive sense of smell is stimulated to enhance any mood or to produce feelings of relaxation, rejuvenation, or feelings of peace.  

Ultraviolet Light: Within the Alpha the dry air is exposed to an ultraviolet, germicidal light beam through an ultraviolet light chamber.  The germicidal lamp deodorizes, disinfects and helps to purify the air in the Alpha chamber to provide a clean sanitary environment


Ergonomically Designed Custom Contour Bed: The massage bed is contoured to the most comfortable fit for your body.  No pressure points exist and cushioned support produces the feeling of relaxed flotation. 


Warm Up before or after your massage with this unique sauna experience.